“Our mission is to improve the financial performance of hospitality businesses by embedding within them best in class operational and commercial systems and processes.”

Experts to help

A vital component to any business development is the People involved.

Hospitality Hub is able to utilise the skills and knowledge of some exceptional individuals that are able to offer specialist or generalist support to any of our Partners. Having spent their working lives in the Hospitality industry, they are best placed to support your needs.

Is there a piece of project work to be completed, ongoing support or some advice needed? Utilising the framework of THE ENGINE ROOM, we are confident that if there is a business development opportunity, we will be able to support with the help you need.

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What we want to create

  • A Brand that is recognised for delivering high value input to F&B Businesses
  • Valuable insight into hospitality businesses commercial performance, not restricted by traditional ways of thinking.
  • An efficient and effective F&B development toolkit that enables Stakeholders to focus on their operational, customer and quality responsibilities.

About Andrew Lovell

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Having worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, Andrew has gained knowledge and experience that he has been used to consistently deliver improvements of both sales and profitability for his Employers.

Having worked not just in Commercial and Finance roles, but spending years in Operational roles, has enabled Andrew to develop a keen appreciation of the balance needed in the relationship of all areas of a business to come together to form a successful Enterprise.

“The success of a business is dependent on the engagement and ability of the individuals involved, the expectation around standards and the robust processes & tools available.”

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