What really drives your business?

Are you making the most of your resources and seeing the results in all respects: well managed processes, quality of product and service, commercial results, reputation with press, industry, customers and staff?

In the same way that a ship only runs at top speed if every component of its engine room works in perfect harmony, THE ENGINE ROOM enables a hospitality business to achieve its optimum performance. Whether you are looking to start a new F&B business or want to improve or expand an existing operation, we have the tools to help.

Central to THE ENGINE ROOM is an option to use an established procurement platform, Saffron, to manage purchasing and margins, house recipes, ingredients and nutritional data with scope to add additional functions if required.

Development objectives

All relevant data is reviewed and discussed with key stakeholders to create an informed business development strategy, which may include commercial analysis, market research, customer feedback, partner and company values. Clear, informed and agreed goals are set.


Avoiding the frequent cause of project faltering or failing by ensuring a robust approach to communication and development of a detailed comms approach.

Offer development

The ground work of bringing to life the development objectives. This is the opportunity to be creative, to test concepts and, develop ideas. Using the THE ENGINE ROOM recipe database stored in Saffron or developing ‘in-house’, with clear goals and targets to work towards.

Set up for success

Once the product and related commercial and operational information is ready, we set up the Team with the tools and information they need to do the job effectively.


Time to launch with all key people on site or available and final tests, training and checks completed.

Review & adjust

A robust review supported by menu analysis and feedback mechanisms to determine success against the goals established at the start of the project.

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